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Siddharth Baisane

Siddharth is Embedded Systems & Firmware Engineer.
Some of the Platforms & Softwares experiences are mentioned below.
▶ Platforms
◾ Experience with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beaglebone as a prototyping platform.
◾ Both 8 and 32-bit embedded design experience including ARM Cortex M0, M3, STM32Fxxx, AVR 8 & 16bit and with ESP8266 and ESP32 boards
◾ Experience working with 2.4Ghz and Sub Ghz radio's is large scale deployment
▶ Software
◾ Proficient in writing firmware to interface with components over I2C, SPI, DMA, UARTs, and USB and integrating sensors and actuators of any kind
◾ Proficient in C, C++, Python, Bash scripting, Linux Kernel and System programming and knowledge of the IOT stack

Rahul Baisane

Rahul is experienced Drupal developer.
He is thoroughly proficient in all aspects of web development. Has created entirely new Drupal themes from scratch using SASS, as well a built on existing ones, with the same applying to customised modules. He has worked across a diverse multitude of technology stacks and performance tuned websites to ensure supporting infrastructure that would be able to handle an modeled amount of load. Technologies and tools worked with include, but are not limited to: PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, SASS, JIRA, Trello, Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, Neo4j, SOAP/REST WebServices, SoapUI.